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Our approach


Business outcomes were never just about technology strategy and roadmap, and you have always known that. It is the ability to translate that strategy into market deliverables that add value to your customer. And while the focus continues to be to deliver disruptive solutions to enable heightened customer experience, the critical cog that makes it happen is the people you have. And the question you and we have asked many a times is:

Who can understand my technology roadmap and help translate it to the nuts-and-bolts of the team composition needed, without the need to create detailed job descriptions, filter through unqualified resumes submitted using a keyword match, and spend precious time and energy to finally identify the right resource? And has the proven knowledge and experience to help deliver.

Who has more than just a laundry list of services, solutions, centers but has my passion to grow with me? And understands the pains of fluctuating demands, cost of attrition, under-performers and has the solutions to alleviate them.

Who can I trust to deliver resources consistently with the right skills, at the right price, at the right location, with the right attitude? And demonstrate the flexibility as my business needs change. 

Enter R4 Talent Solutions, Inc – your trusted and knowledgeable partner to answer the above questions, and then some. 

R4 Talent Solutions, Inc. (R4TSI) is an IT Consulting Firm providing IT Consulting and Management Services, focused on delivering customer value by providing high-quality and cost-efficient technology resources. 

Our MISSION is to create lifetime customer value for the customers we serve. 

It is our GOAL to deliver on the 4 Rs of resources - the Right skills at the Right price at the Right location with the Right attitude, to meet your organization's short and long-term resource needs.